Foundation Brings NFL Players to Primary Children’s Hospital- Salt Lake City, UT to Brighten the Day of Special Children



DJ visits local school in West Jordan, UT to speak about the importance of education and focusing on school 4.7.2016

Atlanta Falcons Tight end, Dj Tialavea visits a local school in West Jordan, Ut to serve as a mentor and motivator. Students were eager to meet Tialavea as he was eager to share his message of hard work and determination to accomplish goals.

The Children of Haiti Need Support to Succeed


Our Mission is to Help Others Find Joy in the Journey of Life as we:

Visit less fortunate areas of the world and identify specific projects that, when completed, would empower an individual, family or community and improve their physical, emotional, or spiritual well being.  These projects will lead to broader opportunities by lightening the load of an individual, increasing their confidence, and helping them envision their contribution to positive change in their community.

Enrich the lives of volunteers through unforgettable, rewarding service opportunities that will enhance their perspective of life, increase their love and compassion, and intensify their desire to be of service to others through future projects.

Founder, Dj Tialavea


The son of Don Tialavea, Dj (Donald Jr.) has chosen to continue his father’s legacy in hopes to be a positive influence to many children around the world. DJ is currently a member of The Atlanta Falcons and has been in the NFL since 2014. Before he began his NFL career, DJ attended Utah State University, where he graduated with his Bachelors Degree.  DJ is continuing his schooling, and plans to graduate with his Masters Degree in Education in the near future.

A Salt Lake City native, DJ spends most of his off-season in Utah with his mother, Tami, and his two sisters, Julianne (26) and Abigail (17). Together as a family, the Tialavea’s have decided to dedicate their time and efforts to serve others and help them to reach their potential.  This was the mission and example of their heavenly angel, Don Tialavea.  Their actions are dedicated to him.